Ethos Committee

We have an Ethos Committee that consists of representatives from Year 1 upwards and the Year 5/6 teacher. The committee board is in the hall with a list of ideas for the future work of the committee. 

Together, we work to investigate different areas and create action plans to improve these areas, which are shared with the governing body.  We also regularly evaluate collective worship.  If you have any feedback, please let a member of the committee know.

Collective Worship

Every day, except Tuesday, the school meets in the hall for whole school worship.

  • Monday – 9.10am - School Worship, or Open the Book Worships held monthly.
  • Tuesday  -  9.10am - Class Worships, held in each classroom
  • Wednesday -  9.10am House Worship.
  • Thursday – 9.10am - School Worship, led by Father Geoffrey.
  • Friday – 9.10am - Celebration Worship, weekly certificates are awarded for the School Core Values and other achievements.  

We also hold special services to mark Christian festivals at the Village Church.

Worship Themes Spring Term

Please click here for the Spring Term Worship Themes