The Directors/Trustees set the strategic direction for the MAT and are accountable to the Secretary of State for the performance of the schools within it. This is set out in a legal document known as the ‘funding agreement’.

As charity trustees, they must also ensure that they are complying with charity law requirements. High calibre directors are appointed for their skills, knowledge or experience as needed by the Board.

The core functions of the role are ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of the trust; holding executive leaders to account for the performance of the schools, pupils and staff; overseeing the financial performance of the trust and making sure its public money is well spent. Trustees are responsible for determining the overall strategic direction and development of the trust through good governance and clear strategic planning.

The Trust Board of Directors has two standing committees: Finance & Audit and Pay & Performance.

Brian Impey - Chair of Directors 

Acorn Academy, The Old Tool Office, Chard Street, Axminster, EX13 5EB.


In the interests of transparent and accountable governance, we are required by law to publish the following information about our Board of Directors.

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