School Improvement

We have a focus on supporting schools to improve themselves. Our central improvement leads are experienced senior leaders who support and challenge schools on their improvement journey. We also have a range of subject specialists who are classroom practitioners able to work alongside colleagues through peer support.
  • Safeguarding
    Our systems and procedures are consistent across the Trust to ensure that safeguarding is effective and is central to the operation of the Trust. The Trust HR officer ensures that our recruitment procedures safeguard all children and staff.
  • Health and Wellbeing
    We value the health and wellbeing of all our staff and this is reflected in all of our policies. In addition we provide external wellbeing support where staff are able to access confidential wellbeing advice and counselling
  • Inclusion
    Our inclusion lead works closely with each of our academies to ensure the best outcomes for all children but particularly those who are disadvantaged or have particular needs. They regularly spend time in each school to ensure our provision is exceptional. As a result they can identify specialist support required and either utilise our internal trust improvement specialists or pool resources to engage with external practitioners to support each school. This means that small schools are not at a disadvantage and are able to provide the same provision for their children. 
  • EYFS
    Acorn MAT is committed to ensuring that our children get off to a great start through high quality Early Years provision to ensure a seamless transition into school life.  Our early years lead is an experienced Early Years teacher, who has a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise to share. They are focussed on supporting, guiding and challenging EYFS colleagues, to ensure our children receive the best ‘Foundations’ for learning. 
  • IT
    More than just IT support, our trust IT lead is focussed on utilising the latest cutting-edge technology to improve learning - whether this is supporting the provision of online learning or being able to use our purchasing power to ensure every child has access to computers and tablets.
  • Curriculum
    Each academy has the autonomy to design a curriculum offer to best meet the needs of the community it serves. There should be a clear curriculum intent that seeks to deliver statutory curriculum, ensures disadvantage and additional needs do not act as barriers to learning and achievement. This is underpinned by clear and progressive sequences of learning in every subject that seek to teach the appropriate knowledge and skills
  • Subject Specialists
    Our subject leaders are present in each academy and have worked collectively to develop a progression of knowledge for each subject. This can then be adapted to suit the curriculum design of each school. The subject leads work together as a team across the academy, meeting regularly to share good practice, monitor standards in their subject and develop subject leadership skills to enhance provision in their own schools and provide support across the Trust.