Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee is a sub-committee of the main Board of Trustees and meets six times a year. 

The committee is responsible for;

  • monitoring, evaluating and reviewing policy and performance in relation to financial management
  • compliance with reporting and regulatory requirements
  • reviewing and monitoring reports from the Internal Auditor
  • drafting the annual budget including setting staffing levels
  • authorising spending within agreed budgets
  • performing the role of an audit committee
  • receiving and recommending statutory accounts to the trust board
  • human resources
  • asset management, facilities management & health & safety

Chair:                        Samantha Miller (Director)

Vice Chair:             Lesley Adams (Director)


Andrea Rice (CEO)

Cindy Porter (Chief Finance Officer)

Brian Impey (Director)

Lesley Adams (Director)

Janice Hodge

Pay & Performance Committee

The Pay & Performance Committee is a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees. It reviews proposed salary awards and pay scales used by the Trust. It scrutinises performance management records and ensures that the appropriate arrangements for linking appraisal to pay are in place, can be applied consistently and that pay decisions can be objectively justified. The committee reviews and recommends the CEO pay award for approval by the Trust Board. 

Chair: Paul Middlemast


Brian Impey

Corinne Hales